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With more than 100 years experience, and recognised as the UK's leading trade association; the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) represent the interests of tradespeople who work with electrical and electronic equipment and services. JTL was in fact formed by the coming together of the ECA and Unite the Union in 1990.


The CompEx Scheme is recognised as the Global Competency Scheme for the major oil, gas and chemical users to protect their workers and capital assets. Having been established in 1994, the scheme is now nationally recognised as the industry standard of training and assessment.


The Joint Industry Board (JIB) is an impartial organisation looking to improve the electrical industry. It does this by setting standards and regulating relations between employers and employees. The work JIB do offers members stability in the workplace, providing employment conditions that will attract, train and motivate the best operatives in the workforce.


It was Unite the Union who came together with the ECA to form JTL back in 1990. Nowadays, the organisation are Britain’s biggest union, with 1.42 million members in all different types of workplaces. Unite the Union is a democratic and campaigning union, with employees' rights at its heart.

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